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"I’m also thankful and sorry to Nana. When Nana does something, she does it in a bright and funny manner. But people have misunderstood that as her being rude to others…" — Jo Seho

"You’re truly like the younger sister to all of us. A very precious and cute younger sister." — Shin Sungwoo


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Cold Coke is a femme fatale

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Nana’s bungee experience plus bom her no.1 supporter :)

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make me choose: Meredith and Cristina or Derek and Cristina (asked by petiteblades)

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make me choose (alex karev edition)
    → alexkarevs asked: Alex & April or Alex & Lexie


As everyone might have already heard, Bom is confirmed to be leaving the show.. after a good 12 episodes. It’s so unfortunate that she won’t be on the show anymore. I know she’ll leave one day due to her schedule as an idol but I didn’t expect it to be this soon. Bom has always been my ultimate bias and like all blackjacks I started watching this show for her as well. But since Bom has made her choice I respect her decision though Im secretly hoping that she’d eventually come back on after she feel like she is ready. The show will definitely feel different without her but it still has to go on. I hope everyone will still continue to support this show as I will. 

Shared above is a song I hold so close to my heart by our beautiful bom. 

It’s okay baby please don’t cry 


120101 Gag Concert appearance Pt. 1




Park Bom Quotes


THIS will help.